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Project Number:
Contract Number:
Other Project Numbers:
200723 074-607-023
Project Description:
2020 Culvert Replacements and Drainage Improvements
Construction Location:
PO Box 890
3000 Hoffman Drive NW
City or Township:
Bid Opening:
04/02/2020 3:00 PM
Expected Award Date:
Project Start Date:
Construction Start Date:
Construction End Date:
Work Type:
Pipe and Culvert
Project Type:
Road and Street
Highest Funding Level:
DBE Project:
County Highway Project
Advertisement for Bids
Close Thursday, April 2, 2020
Steele County, Minnesota

Sealed electronic bids for the contract listed below will be received by the Board of County Commissioners of Steele County, Minnesota, until 10:00 AM on Thursday, April 2, 2020, through Steele County’s online electronic bid system (bidVAULT). At that time, the bids will be electronically opened, read publicly at the Steele County Highway Department, Steele County Public Works Building, 3000 Hoffman Drive NW, Owatonna, Minnesota 55060, and results posted online in bidVAULT.

State Aid Project Number Project Title
074-607-023 CSAH 7 (CSAH 29 to CSAH 32)
074-613-008 CSAH 13 (CSAH 198 to CR 161)
074-629-003 CSAH 29 (Waseca Co Line to CSAH 7)

TYPE OF WORK: Culvert Replacements and Drainage Improvements

Complete digital project documents are available at https://mn-co-steele.app.rtvision.com/oneoffice/bidding. ONLY REGISTERED PLANHOLDERS WILL BE ALLOWED TO BID PROJECT. There is no cost to register or download the Project Plans and Proposal documents. To become a registered plan holder and to bid electronically, you must create an account at: https://connex.uccs.com. Project bidding documents may be examined at the Steele County Highway Department, Steele County Public Works Building, 3000 Hoffman Drive NW, Owatonna, Minnesota 55060.

BIDS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED BY SUBMITTING AN ELECTRONIC BID USING BIDVAULT at https://bidvault.mn.uccs.com. NO HARD COPY BIDS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Instructions on submitting a bid electronically can be found on the bidVAULT website. The cost to submit a bid is $25.
Bids must be accompanied by a corporate surety bond made in favor of Steele County or a certified check made payable to the Steele County Treasurer for 5% of the amount of the bid. Upon execution of the Contract, certified checks or bid bonds will be returned to the unsuccessful bidders within 30 days of the opening of the bids.

The Steele County Board of Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all bids or to waive defects.
For questions, contact Paul Sponholz, Assistant County Engineer, at 507-444-7672 or paul.sponholz@co.steele.mn.us.

Published on:
Steele County website: www.co.steele.mn.us
Minnesota Construction eAdvertising website: https://eadvert.rtvision.com/
Project Major Items:
2104.503/00255REMOVE PIPE CULVERTSL F1,450.00
2105.603/00060DITCH CLEANINGL F8,130.00
2118.509/00030AGGREGATE SURFACING CLASS 2TON1,497.00
2360.509/22200TYPE SP 12.5 WEARING COURSE MIX (2;B)TON534.00
2451.609/74001STRUCTURAL BACKFILLTON7,317.00
2501.502/0503636" RC PIPE APRONEACH8.00
2501.503/1201818" CS PIPE CULVERTL F102.00
2501.503/1324224" RC PIPE CULVERTL F832.00
2501.503/1330230" RC PIPE CULVERTL F248.00
2501.610/740001CLEAN PIPE CULVERTHOUR58.00
2511.509/00013RANDOM RIPRAP CLASS IIITON220.00
2563.601/00010TRAFFIC CONTROLLS3.00
Project Owner:

Sponholz, Paul
PO Box 890
3000 Hoffman Drive NW
Owatonna, MN   55060-0890
Project Engineer:

Paul Sponholz
PO Box 890
3000 Hoffman Drive NW
Owatonna, MN   55060