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Project Number:
SAP 008-610-031
Contract Number:
Other Project Numbers:
SAP 008-610-031
Project Description:
CSAH 10 Bridge 89047 Replacement (08J26)
Construction Location:
City or Township:
Bid Opening:
04/01/2020 10:00 AM
Expected Award Date:
Project Start Date:
Construction Start Date:
Construction End Date:
Work Type:
Project Type:
Road and Street
Highest Funding Level:
DBE Project:
BIDS CLOSE April 1, 2020
Notice is hereby given that the Board of Commissioners, Brown County; New Ulm, MN will accept sealed bids, at the Office of the County Administrator, in the Brown County Courthouse, New Ulm, MN. until 10:00 a.m. on the 1st day of April, 2020, for the following project(s):
S.A.P. 008-610-031 Bridge Replacement on CSAH 10 located 1 mile north of the south county line.
Major quantities include: 1600 SY Remove Bituminous Pavement, 1083 CY Common Excavation, 1 LS Temporary Stream Diversion System, 450 CY Aggregate Base Class 5, 74 LF 12’ X 8’ Precast Concrete Box Culvert, 2 Each 12’ X 8’ Precast Concrete Box Culvert End Sections, 1 LS Remove Existing Bridge, 490 CY Aggregate Backfill, 110 Ton Crushed Rock 1½” Minus, 195 LF 15” CP Pipe Culvert (Smooth), 150 Ton Riprap Class II, 1 LS Turf Establishment and 1975 SY Erosion Control Blanket. Plan and proposal price is $25.00 nonrefundable.
Plan, proposal and specifications can be examined and obtained from the Brown County Highway Department, 1901 N. Jefferson St., New Ulm, MN. 56073, ph#507-233-5700. A check, draft or money order in the amount listed above, and payable to the Brown County Treasurer must accompany requests for plans and proposals.
A bidder’s bond or a certified check payable to the Treasurer of Brown County in the amount of at least 5% of the total amount bid for each project must be included.
Brown County reserves the right to reject any or all bids.
Dated: February 18, 2020
Sam Hansen, County Administrator
Brown County, MN
Project Owner:

Stevens, Wayne
1901 North Jefferson St.
New Ulm, MN   56073
(507) 233-5700
(507) 354-6857
Project Engineer:

Stevens, Wayne
1901 North Jefferson St.
New Ulm, MN   56073
(507) 233-5700
(507) 354-6857