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Project Number:
BECKR 149246
Contract Number:
Other Project Numbers:
SAP 071-594-001
Project Description:
2019 Business Park Expansion
Construction Location:
City or Township:
Bid Opening:
07/22/2019 11:00 AM
Expected Award Date:
Project Start Date:
Construction Start Date:
Construction End Date:
Work Type:
Water Main/Storm Sewer/Sanitary Sewer
Project Type:
Road and Street
Highest Funding Level:
DBE Project:
Notice is hereby given that sealed Bids will be received by the City Administrator until 11:00 a.m., Monday, July, 22, 2019, at the Becker City Hall, 12060 Sherburne Avenue, PO Box 250, Becker, MN 55308-0250, at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud, for the furnishing of all labor and material for the construction of the 2019 Business Park Expansion.

Major quantities for the Work include:
6 ACRE Clearing
6 ACRE Grubbing
125,800 CY Common Excavation (P)
16,500 CY Select Granular Borrow (LV)
22,900 CY Aggregate Base (CV) Class 5 (P)
450 SY Concrete Pavement (6- and 8-Inch)
7,400 TON Wearing Course Mixture
15,800 TON Non-Wearing Course Mixture
4,000 LF RC Pipe Sewer (12- through 30-Inch)
4,000 LF PVC Pipe Sewer (6-, 8-, and 30-Inch)
1 LS Construct Lift Station (Sanitary)
4,700 LF 10-Inch PVC Force Main
1 LS Bypass Pumping
1 LS Temporary Water Service
130 LF Steel Casing Pipe (24- and 30-Inch)
12,500 LF Water Main Ductile Iron (6- through 16-Inch)
16,700 LF Concrete Curb and Gutter B618
240 SF Sign Panels
22 ACRE Seeding
45,900 LF 4-Inch Solid Line Multi Comp Ground In

Bids shall be on the form provided for that purpose and according to the Bidding Requirements prepared by Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. (SEH) dated June 7, 2019.

The Bidding Documents may be seen at the Issuing Office of Short Elliott Hendrickson Inc. located at 1200 25th Avenue South, P.O. Box 1717, St. Cloud, MN 56302-1717, 320.229.4348.
The Bidding Documents may be viewed for no cost at http://www.sehinc.com by selecting the Project Bid Information link at the bottom of the page and the View Plans option from the menu at the top of the selected project page.

Digital image copies of the Bidding Documents are available at http://www.sehinc.com for a fee of $30. These documents may be downloaded by selecting this project from the PROJECT BID INFORMATION link and by entering eBidDocTM Number 6419488 on the SEARCH PROJECTS page. For assistance and free membership registration, contact QuestCDN at 952.233.1632 or info@questcdn.com.

Paper copies of the Bidding Documents may be obtained from Docunet Corp. located at 2435 Xenium Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55441 (763.475.9600) for a fee of $110.
Bid security in the amount of 5 percent of the Bid must accompany each Bid in accordance with the Instructions to Bidders.
A Contractor responding to these Bidding Documents must submit to the City/Owner a signed statement under oath by an owner or officer verifying compliance with each of the minimum criteria in Minnesota Statutes, section 16C.285, subdivision 3.
This Work shall be subject to minimum wages and labor standards in accordance with the State of Minnesota.
Bids shall be directed to the City Administrator, securely sealed and endorsed upon the outside wrapper, BID FOR 2019 BUSINESS PARK EXPANSION, BECKER, MN, BECKR 149246, SAP 071-594-001.
Project Owner:

City of Becker
12060 Sherburne Ave
PO Box 250
Becker, MN   55308-0250
(763) 200-4239
(763) 261-4411
Project Engineer:

City of Becker
12060 Sherburne Ave
PO Box 250
Becker, MN   55308-0250
(763) 200-4239
(763) 261-4411